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Who is Club Vapor?

Club Vapor was founded on the principle of providing a quality product along with superior customer service. We believe in the old school philosophy where the customer is our most valued asset. We are intent on providing an experience that our customers will enjoy and remember. Our store location provides a clean, safe, and friendly environment for everyone from the novice to the very experienced vaper. We are passionate about the industry and the benefits our customers enjoy by living a tobacco free life. At Club Vapor we tailor make all of our e-juice to suit our customer’s taste and nicotine level. If you are unsure about what nicotine level you should start out with, one of our experienced staff members will always be happy to help. You can also rest assure knowing that all of our e-juice is 100% American Made, USD certified, and kosher grade. We take no short cuts in providing the best quality, best tasting juice in the U.S. We are fully compliant with all state and federal regulations regarding the handling and preparing of your e-juice. We know you will taste the difference in our very popular e-juice blends.

At club vapor we also offer the highest end hardware for ecigs and living a tobacco free life.  We have done our homework in this department so you don’t have to. We have scoured the market and found the best quality manufactures with the best products to offer. There are many imposter brands and products out there that are cheaper in price and in quality but we know that a faulty product that does not perform well will only frustrate our customers and possibly cause them to go back to that icky smoking habit.  So if you are looking for the best e-juice or the best new vaporizers you have come to the right place.

Allow Club Vapor to take all the guess work out of finding the best, customized vaping experience for you.

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